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…structural systems, stormwater systems,  sustainable systems.
...civil systems. Engineered.


Earthspan is a certified woman-owned civil engineering design firm that is built on a passion for engineering and collaboration. We believe that all ideas have worth, and that all people deserve a seat at the table. We value respectful, communicative working relationships because we know that is the fastest way to success. We place great emphasis on quality because we believe the only way to fulfill our moral obligation of civil safety as engineers is through delivering creative design of the highest quality. 


Tracy Pucciarelli Borne, PE is the founder of Earthspan and lead structural engineer responsible for project and technical management, analysis, and design. As a native Pittsburgher, Tracy grew up immersed in her family's concrete contracting business through which she came to understand how her grandfather and father helped build this city to what we know it today. 



Something about the craftsmanship and permanence of concrete structures always spoke to me and is predominantly responsible for opening my eyes as a young girl to the beauty of construction and engineering.

I strongly believe that every engineer can achieve her or his greatest potential in an environment that encourages sharing of thoughts and ideas. I value clear and open communication and believe that building each other up is the fastest way to success. My goal is to create a dynamic team aligned with these values so that together we can bring the best.

As a native Pittsburgher, Tracy grew up immersed in her family's concrete contracting business. That early exposure to the construction world and specifically concrete structures, planted the seed at an early age. On family drives she admired Pittsburgh's many bridges and made it her goal to become a bridge designer.


With a Master of Science degree in Structural Engineering and more than 15 years of experience, Tracy has acquired a diverse design expertise that spans the discipline. From bridges and culverts to retaining walls and sign structures, she brings the same commitment and love of the design process to each new project. Earthspan has evolved beyond our Structural expertise to include other aspects of civil infrastructure planning and design with specialties in Stormwater and Sustainability service areas.



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