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At Earthspan resiliency through functional flexibility is a core principle of sustainable design


Engineering today against a future of unknowns is the essence of sustainable design. As change is inevitable, successful engineered systems are defined by their ability to counter fluctuations in conditions over their lifetime. Design rigidity rooted in antiquated standards is the antithesis of resiliency – it neither acknowledges change nor a project's potential lifecycle benefits to the social and environmental systems in which it exists. Sustainability analysis can uncover the unexpected...much like the design perspective at Earthspan.




At Earthspan we approach sustainability foremost as a mindset to inform our design decisions. This mantra is married to our familiarity with the various systems of sustainability metrics resulting in the organic integration of sustainable design principles into all projects. Whether it’s a general desire to consider the lifecycle of a project or the more formal pursuit of a USGBC LEED or ISI Envision award, at Earthspan the concept of functional flexibility is a core principle of sustainable design.


Sustainability Planning

Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs)

Envision Sustainability Metrics

LEED Sustainability Metrics

vegetated roof comparative environmental life Cycle assessment

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